17 May 2011

First official review of STRANGE & MACABRE TALES

Some of you might remember my DVD compilation of early short films I released in February as a first step toward fundraising my first feature?

Well, here's the first official review, courtesy of Will Colby from the ever amazing website KillingBoxx! :)

Read it HERE.

Thanks Will!

For those who missed my initial post, you can still buy the DVD HERE.

Love, love, love!

Hey everyone,

I've been pretty quiet lately, mostly due to a semi-lock down state in "thesis writing" mode.

So, for those not on Facebook, I recently was a guest on the first ever Horrorphilia Girls Night Out podcast, hosted by the lovely Char Hardin and featuring the lovely Soska twins and the totally rad Hannah Neurotica.

Click to check out the fun, insane and uncontrollable mayhem resulting from having all five of us share the mic!

Also, a big, mega huge thank you to KillingBoxx for being a constant supporter of BLOODY BREASTS! :) Speaking of which, I recently added a 'news/press' section on the BB website, so check it out for all the updates and to see who's talking about the project!

Now, for the cherry on top, Mike Snoonian from All Things Horror once again made my day (scratch that, he make my month!) by including me on his wicked list of 10 filmmakers to watch out for.

Check it out here and share the love!

That's it for now folks! More news soon!

2 May 2011

Mini-poll for those who read me

Should I start blogging on this blog? What I mean is, should I start writing about other random things that are not related to my films, news, screenings, and/or reviews?  In other words, are you interested in the (crazy) things that cross my mind?

Come on, I know you're reading me. Stop being shy and answer. Make your voice heard, I want to hear it. :)