29 May 2013

We're Canadian horror filmmakers, hear us roar!

A few months after the Blood in the Snow Canadian Horror Film Festival (a very fitting name!) I posted about last December, I'm proud to say that Red will return to Ontario this weekend as part of the Little Nightmares Canadian Horror Short Film Festival!

This time around, it will be happening in Hamilton and the focus will be on shorts. Fans of bite-size scares, make sure to not miss this event as it features some of the finest, most creative shorts I've seen in recent years. And well, if you still haven't seen Red, don't miss the occasion to see it on the big screen! :)

And check out their totally rad poster:

Again, I'm proud and honored to be featured alongside such talented filmmakers! Thank you Darrell Marsh for including me and for organizing the event!

Check out this blog post by festival co-presenter, Horror in the Hammer, for the trailers of all the programmed films!