15 February 2011

Strange and Macabre Tales - DVD compilation

Ladies and gents,

It's heeeeeeere!  My first ever DVD compilation of short films! After many weeks of intensive labor gathering old projects, converting them, printing, cutting and assembling everything (yes, everything is handmade by yours truly), I can finally offer you:

Included on this DVD:

A look through the camera lens of a killer set on making a 'snuff' film. Starring: Isabelle Stephen & Martin Plouffe.
*** Last year's unexpected festival hit! Check older entries for reviews! ***

A model witnesses a painter's obsession with creating the ultimate masterpiece. Starring: Arielle Paindavoine & Matthew Saliba.
*** Available for the first time! This film shot in 2008 was never released before! In fact, I just completed the editing earlier this year. ***

David's dreams are haunted by a strange woman. When he starts seeing her in his daily waking life, he seriously starts questioning his sanity. Starring: Daniel Thomas, Caroline Hurteau & Thalia Harwood-Farkas.
*** Shot on 16mm in 2005, this is the film that started everything! ***

Two of my early shorts, WAITING and PERCEIVE, are also included as part of the special features along with the trailers for RED and REFLECTION!

The DVD is NTSC region 0 (which means ALL regions).

Please note that all proceeds from this purchase go toward financing my first feature film, so you get to see my older work AND help me get my next project funded! :)

You can buy it here: 

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

***NOTE TO MY MONTREAL FRIENDS: you can buy it directly from me and save on shipping! Do not click 'Buy now' and contact me for arrangements instead! *** 

For international orders, please contact me for a shipping quote. 

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