22 June 2011

Upcoming Montreal screening!

Hey folks,

In exactly two weeks, two of my shorts will play as part of the Mascara and Popcorn Film Festival!

On Wednesday, July 6th, 7PM at Mainline Theatre, the following two shorts will play along with 23 other local short films: 

Yes, for those who are curious to know what my work was like before I turned to horror, here is one of the rare chances to see COMPLEX MODEL, a quirky tale about unconventional relationships I shot in 2006!

25 shorts films for $5! Don't miss it!

It's all happening at:
Mainline Theatre
3997, boul Saint-Laurent (c. Duluth)

See website for more info! Hope to see you there! :)

7 June 2011

Episode 3 of BLOODY BREASTS is here!

For those who missed it on Facebook and the website last Friday, episode 3 titled: Femme-made horror (part 2) is now online!

6 June 2011

I'm so effin' excited!

I honestly feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Why, you ask? Because this weekend, I spent a lot of time designing the end credits of RED with After Effects genius, Martin Gauthier! And you all know what this means... that the film is *almost* RED-y!!!

So yeah, because I'm horrible at keeping secrets, here's a nice little sneak peek of the actors credits:

That's a sexy cast, no?!

Of course, those are only freeze frames and the whole thing is even more awesome, but it's all I'm gonna show for now! ;)