28 May 2012

And the love/support continues!

I'm taking the time to write a quick thank you note to all the new supporters of my first feature film DYS-:

A HUGE thank you to Olga Ganova, Chris Hallock, Simon Nisbet and Marie-Pierre Poulin!

I'm sending you all the good karma I can possibly send your way!

For those who want to contribute, check out the list of stuff you can buy/claim on the film's website: http://www.homeiswherethehurtis.com

And don't forget to link the FB page to get all the updates!

24 May 2012

Awesome Fest is awesome!


Because filmmaker-extraordinaire Matt Garrett has programmed my short T is for Toothpick as part of the NORTH AMERICAN TOUR OF TERROR LINEUP which he is curating! 

The screening is on June 15th in Philadelphia (Woohoo! A new city conquered!) in what is quite possibly one of the most exciting line-up EVER! Check it out HERE

If you're in the area, make sure to stop by to check out the rad shorts and make sure to cheer extra hard for me! ;)

Oh and check out Awesome Fest! And again, a MEGA HUGE thank you to Matt! You seriously rock!

7 May 2012

Hollywood Skin in Dublin!

Thanks to the amazing ladies behind the Viscera Tour, Hollywood Skin will be playing in Dublin on May 17th!

Here's the Facebook for the event.

I'm so excited! :D

6 May 2012

Thank you for the love wave!

It has now been a week since I launched the teaser for my upcoming feature film Dys- and, what can I say except: wow you guys really made this week memorable! Not only is the Facebook page steadily growing, I've already managed to raise close to $300! A lot of pimping/thank yous are in order! 

First, a MASSIVE thank you to all those who wrote/posted about it. I created a page on the website to keep track of blog posts and articles written about the film. Also thank you to all those who reposted links to these articles and helped spread the word. I want to hug all of you! <3

Second, THANK YOU to the first batch of supporters: Therese Godfree, Syl Disjonk, Yael Perez, Andrea Butler and Annie Boivin. You guys seriously ROCK!

As you can probably guess, I'm in a celebratory mood, so I am delighted to share with you the identity of the actress who will be playing the lead role of Eva, go check out the FB page to know who it will be! :)

And don't forget that you can still donate to the project by pre-ordering DVDs, posters, t-shirts and a bunch of other cool perks right here!

Again, thanks! I love you guys! :)

Upcoming conference

It is with great pleasure that I will be at the Popular Culture Association of Canada conference next weekend in Niagara Falls for a 20 minutes talk.

The presentation, titled Horror Grrrls: Resistance and Agency Within the Interpretive Community of Women Horror Filmmakers, will be a condensed version of my thesis and will help contextualize and analyze my webseries Bloody Breasts.

You can check out the conference program here. I'm presenting on Saturday at 3:00PM. :D