9 April 2015

Le blog est mort, vive le blog!

Translation: (The blog is dead, long live the blog!)
 As you guys have probably guessed by the 9 months of silence since my last post, I kinda gave up on updating the blog for many reasons:

 1-  Making a feature film all by myself + trying to find distribution + distributing it on the fest circuit (again, all by myself) + seeking reviews, interviews, setting up Skype Q&As, etc. – all that in addition to working a full-time, 40 hr/week job = a crazy busy Maude! 

 2-  Since I already post all my reviews, interviews, screenings:  1) on my Facebook,  2) on Twitter, 3) on the Dys- Facebook page, 4) on the Dys- website, and 5) sometimes on Instagram,  the idea of re-posting the same information again on the blog quickly became mind-numbingly redundant (for me and everyone flooded by the same update from multiple sources) and a bit jarring.    

 3- I really missed blogging. By blogging, I don’t mean the way I was doing it (“YAY, (film) will screen at (festival)!”), I mean the "taking the time to articulate my thoughts before sharing them with the world" kind of blogging. Since this is not what I was doing, I didn’t feel I could suddenly switch everything around, nor had the time to do so with everything that was going on. 
All that to say that, after much pondering - most of it triggered by the guilt of the lack of updates - I’m officially putting an end to the current incarnation of this blog. You will still be able to find all the fun info about what’s happening on my Facebook (anything important is public, so you just have to ‘follow’ me), plus hey! It’s easier and faster to interact on there!  And there’s also Twitter.

 But wait! Don’t unsubscribe/delete this page from your blog lists just yet!

 Like a phoenix, this page will rise from its ashes as I do intend on making it what it should have been all along (and what it was for a brief period): an actual blog. What will it be about exactly? I’m still figuring that out (and I'm always open to suggestions, so feel free to send them to me by commenting!) Once I do figure it out, a massive re-design and proper archiving of the current cluttered mess will happen. 

And then, the blog will live again!

Until then, I want to thank you for reading me and for sticking by me for all this time! I’ve come a long way since that first post in 2010. Did I take over the world? Not yet, but I’m slowly getting there.  It feels like I’ve finally turned a page and begun a new chapter in my life. And I have every single one of you to thank for that. None of it would have been possible without your continued support, so imagine me reaching out of my screen and hugging each of you individually because that's what I want to do right now!

Thank you again from the bottom of my twisted little heart and see you again very soon with some new content that I hope you'll enjoy! As always, you can always leave me a comment if there’s something you’d like me to talk about. :) 
Love and bloody kisses,

1 July 2014

An update on the last six months (and counting)

 *dusts off cobwebs*

It's been a while, huh? The Dys- post-production takes most of the blame and a family health emergency coupled with what I like to refer to as "the great crash of 2013" didn't help. But, I kept my head out of the water and I'm now back in full throttle! 

So let's catch up a bit, shall we? 

The Cutting Room Floor podcast
Remember that Casey Ryan podcast I told you about? Well, if you missed it, you can listen to it HERE.

Shawna Shea Independent Short Film Festival 
I was honoured to have Red screen as part of the official selection of the
Shawna Shea Independent Short Film Festival in the female horror filmmakers block. The screening took place on November 23rd 2013 at the Somerville Theatre, in Somerville, Massachussetts. Thanks to Skip Shea and Izzy Lee for programming the film! 
Check out the film fest page on Facebook. 
Lists, lists, lists!
What better way to begin the new year than being included on some super rad lists! I am honoured to be included on:
Char Hardin's 35 Hardest Working Women of Indie Horror 
That FITZ's Top Women of Horror Official Twitter List 2013
The Scribes' Director. Women. Genre Twitter List and Hollywomen Directors Pinterest Board
Thank you to all of you! I'm blowing kisses your way! 

Scream Queen Film Fest in Tokyo!
Mai Nakanishi is simply amazing! Not only was she kind enough to program Hollywood Skin in Tokyo - thus making one of my dreams of having my film play in Japan come true! - she then took it on tour in Nagoya (still in Japan) in February of this year and will be playing it again in Nagano in late August! Stay tuned for the updates!  
Scream Queen Film Fest on Facebook. 

World of Death compilation 
I'm also really excited to announce that two of my shorts, Toothpicks (formely T is for Toothpick) and Snuff, have been included on the World of Death compilation! The collection, which includes over 200 short films from 25 different countries, will be distributed as a DVD and Blu-Ray box set and on VOD in addition to being submitted to various festivals and conventions. On May 31st, a small sample of the WOD films, including mine, screened at the Thrillema in Halifax, Nova Scotia! This also marked my first Atlantic Canada screening! W00t! :D Stay tuned for more WOD-related news and info and, in the meantime, check out the project's social media pages: 
Official website

Which, of course, brings us to Dys- which I'm happy to report is now 100% completed with a confirmed World Premiere coming up very, very soon! But, that's a whole other topic, which I'll be posting about soon. ;) 

Until then, stay wicked! 
M. xo


29 December 2013

Best wishes for the holidays!!!

I hope you had fantastic holidays!

I certainly did and I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all my very best wishes for 2014! May all your dreams come true and may life bless you and your loved ones with health, happiness and everything you wish for. :)

I wanted to make a 2013 Year in Review, but I realized that 95% of my time was spent on one thing:
It's comiiiiiiiiiiiing!!! :D
So instead, I decided to take the time to once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant support. I have so many things to share with you all, but let's wait a bit and kick in the new year with them, shall we?

See you all very soon and please be safe when celebrating.


9 October 2013

Upcoming podcast with Casey Ryan!

I'm delighted to be invited as a guest for a 4th time on Casey Ryan's podcast The Cutting Room Floor! October is "Massacre Month" which, you probably guessed, means he is focusing on indie horror.

What will I be talking about? Only one way to find out! Tune in on Friday at 10pm (EST) HERE for a live stream of the show! There will also be a live chat, so feel free to send me questions on there, I'll try to answer them on the air. :)

And, for those who missed them, here's the mini Casey Ryan archive:

Audio Recording: 'EP.81 - Maude Michaud 2' From 'Cutting Room Floor'
Audio Recording: 'EP. 135 - Maude Michaud Vol. III' From 'Cutting Room Floor'

Alas, #1 is nowhere to be found :(

See you all on Friday!

7 October 2013


Yes, yes, you read right! (and yes, I'm still pinching myself!) Hollywood Skin will be playing in Tokyo, Japan as part of the ScreamQueen Film Fest!

The film is part of Program B - scheduled for Sunday October 27th at the Uplink Factory - and the program also includes two of my favorite shorts of recent years, Karen Lam's The Meeting and Doug Mallette's Beautiful As You Are. Needless to say, I wish I could go!!!

I am beyond thrilled and honoured to be included in such a rad festival in the country with the cinematic history that had the biggest influence on me and my work. Many thanks to the Viscera Film Festival Tour Department who helped make this possible and to the amazing Mai Nakanishi who organized the event!

Check out the film if you can and give this kickass event some love!

Here's the Facebook page and the FB event. :)

P.S.: Yes, I'm totally fangirl-geeking out about seeing the film description in Japanese.

15 August 2013

RED at Mascara & Popcorn

I'm glad to announce that, after screening two of my shorts in 2011, including the lesser known Complex Model, and helping me fundraise Dys- with a retrospective of my shorts in 2012, I'll be back at the Mascara and Popcorn festival in my hometown with Red which will be in the official short competition!

The film screens tomorrow night, starting at 6:30 PM at Théâtre Ste-Catherine:
264 Sainte-Catherine Street East, Montreal. I'm beyond honored to be playing alongside dear friends and fellow filmmakers Andrew Shearer, Lori Bowen, Jovanka Vuckovic, Mae Catt and Izzy Lee among others! :)

Check out this awesome festival trailer and try to spot Red!

Here's an interview with yours truly from the press conference! :)

Dys- Day #4: A teaser and a horror icon

First off, I apologize for again going on hiatus for the Dys- Day posts. The last month has kept me fairly busy with a trip to L.A., the Viscera Film Festival and the Fantasia film festival.

BUT, busy is good as it also means I got a lot more work done on Dys-, which in turn means that I'm one step closer to being done!

One of the main thing I worked on, which I've kept under wrap pretty much until shooting day, was the shooting of two extra scenes for the film starring horror cult icon Lynn Lowry! Yes, working with her made me as ecstatic as you can imagine! :D

Our amazing L.A. crew!
(photo by Lori Bowen)

Me directing Lynn
(photo by Lori Bowen)

The second big thing that kept me busy was the first Dys- promo teaser-trailer which premiered at the Viscera film festival before being release online a few days later.

It has already received some positive buzz from two awesome gentlemen, Mike Snoonian (HERE) and Justin Hamelin (HERE). Thanks for the constant support, guys!

Char Hardin was also kind enough to give us a shout out and play the teaser trailer on the air (around the 01:20:00 mark), which you can listen to right HERE.

Thanks everyone for the constant support! YAY!! :D Can't wait to unleash Dys- upon you all!

(photo by Lori Bowen)