28 February 2011

Exclusive preview: Photo series 1 & 2

During the past few weeks, those who are following me on Facebook have heard me talk about needing models for horror-themed photo projects. Well, I am delighted to announce that I had the chance to shoot two of the 12 (probably more!) said projects over the weekend. Not only did I have a blast, I also had the chance to work with great models who were incredibly enthusiastic and helped make the experience unbelievably fun!

I am so excited about the outcome that I need to share a small preview with you! But first, here's a bit more about the project:

Through conceptual and (sometimes) sequential photography, I will explore different themes, subgenres or classic characters from horror movies; sometimes the photo series will reference a specific film or character, sometimes it will only reference a genre of horror. These photos will primarily be used as part of my upcoming webdocumentary series Bloody Breasts, but also as part of another big project which I can't mention at the moment. 

So, without further ado, here's a tiny preview of the series Rest in Pieces and Killer Read! Two easy subgenres that were incredibly fun to mimic and shoot! Let's see if I did a good job and if you can name them! ;)  Enjoy!

Rest in Pieces
 Starring: Marlène Xanadu & Sebastien Montpetit 
Special f/x makeup: Sebastien Montpetit

Killer Read
Starring: Andrea Butler & Philippe Robillard

All photos are copyrighted - Maude Michaud/Quirk Films

Stay tuned for more! :) 

(If you're in Montreal and want to be part of future photoshoots, please do let me know!)

23 February 2011

How Jen & Sylvia Soska made my day...

It's simple, the love keeps on coming!

This time is from fellow-Canucks, filmmakers extraordinaire, wickedly talented femmes fatales, the gore-geous Twisted Twins!

Throughout the month of February, they've been featuring different women from the horror world, most of whom I really admire. You can only imagine my delight and pleasure when they told me that I was featured as part of this series!

Without further ado, here's the LINK! (and let me tell you, they did an amazing research job fishing out past interviews, pics, infos, etc...!)

You can't begin to imagine how great it feels when people you admire write such a great piece about you and tell you they admire you too! It is truly an honor to be featured on this blog and if you don't know Jen & Sylvia, you should check out their work right now! Not only are they crazy talented, they have totally awesome ideas, and they're insanely sweet! Plus, you get to double everything because there's two of them! :D

Jen & Sylvia, thank you! I love you with all my (twisted) heart!

22 February 2011

Can you feel the love?

...because I sure can and it's coming from Boston, MA!

In the past few days (and following a whole week of spring-like weather to make things even worse!), the temperature in Montreal has signigicantly dropped to -20 degrees Celcius (that's about -4 degrees Fahrenheit). Brrr...!  Luckily, something nice is warming my heart and it's the kind words of Mike Snoonian writing a little intro to an interview I did for his website All Things Horror!

You can check it out HERE!

Thank you Mike for your great work and to the whole team of All Things Horror for your never ending support! You ROCK!

15 February 2011

Strange and Macabre Tales - DVD compilation

Ladies and gents,

It's heeeeeeere!  My first ever DVD compilation of short films! After many weeks of intensive labor gathering old projects, converting them, printing, cutting and assembling everything (yes, everything is handmade by yours truly), I can finally offer you:

Included on this DVD:

A look through the camera lens of a killer set on making a 'snuff' film. Starring: Isabelle Stephen & Martin Plouffe.
*** Last year's unexpected festival hit! Check older entries for reviews! ***

A model witnesses a painter's obsession with creating the ultimate masterpiece. Starring: Arielle Paindavoine & Matthew Saliba.
*** Available for the first time! This film shot in 2008 was never released before! In fact, I just completed the editing earlier this year. ***

David's dreams are haunted by a strange woman. When he starts seeing her in his daily waking life, he seriously starts questioning his sanity. Starring: Daniel Thomas, Caroline Hurteau & Thalia Harwood-Farkas.
*** Shot on 16mm in 2005, this is the film that started everything! ***

Two of my early shorts, WAITING and PERCEIVE, are also included as part of the special features along with the trailers for RED and REFLECTION!

The DVD is NTSC region 0 (which means ALL regions).

Please note that all proceeds from this purchase go toward financing my first feature film, so you get to see my older work AND help me get my next project funded! :)

You can buy it here: 

Select your country:

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

***NOTE TO MY MONTREAL FRIENDS: you can buy it directly from me and save on shipping! Do not click 'Buy now' and contact me for arrangements instead! *** 

For international orders, please contact me for a shipping quote. 

12 February 2011

RED update

A few weeks ago, I posted a trailer for my upcoming short film, RED, with a mention that it would be released in time for February/Women in Horror month, so I feel I owe everyone an update and an apology as February is here.

I unfortunately encountered editing delays due to health reasons, which means that I am just now completing the fine cut and getting everything ready for sound mixing. Let me tell you that I am so proud of this project and how magically it came together in the editing! :) For this reason, I don't want to rush the sound mix as I want everything to be just perfect, which means, sadly, not being able to respect the original release date.

However, I can say that IT WILL come out this year, just not in time for Women in Horror month and I want to apologize to everyone who was looking forward to that.

I will have something else to offer you to celebrate, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, here's a few teaser pics of the cast to help you wait:

 The stunning Shannon Lark (making a special appearance)

The lovely Olga G.

The great Cameron Hartl

The wonderful Isabelle Stephen (in a special cameo)

7 February 2011

Big Announcement

We keep hearing about women waking up one morning and suddenly feeling they are ready to become a mother. Well, let me tell you dear readers that a few months ago, I've had a similar experience, albeit NOT of the motherhood variety.

I feel it is time for me to move on to something bigger, to something FEATURE LENGTH! Yes, I will be making my first feature and I couldn't have found a better idea than the one I've been cherishing and nurturing for the past 3 months. A bit like Athena springing out of Zeus' head, this idea came to me almost fully grown, just needing a few stitches here and there. I'll be keeping my lips sealed about it for now, but expect to hear more as soon as the project starts taking form.

Over the last years, I've had the privilege of meeting amazing people who encouraged me to take a first step toward that goal and who are actively supporting me in this endeavor. Because 2011 marks the tenth year anniversary of my first attempt at filmmaking, the timing couldn't be better!

It is going to be a long and wild ride, but I'm ready for it!  To celebrate this new project and help me raise funds for it, I created a DVD compilation of my short films that I will have for sale here and on my website. It will be the first of many fundraising activities for the film; I will post more information as soon as I figure out my Paypal account and finish setting everything up.

See you very soon!

2 February 2011

It's that wonderful time of the year again...

...and thanks to all the wonderful women involved in the cause, it promises to be even bigger this year! 

As you might guess, this makes me extremely happy, but what gets me even MORE ecstatic is the fact that the lovely Soska twins (fellow Canuks, YAY!) over at Twisted Twins Productions asked me to participate in their massive blood drive PSA in honor of the Women in Horror month! 
It is truly an honor to be featured in such a fun video starring some of the coolest ladies of horror I've had the pleasure of meeting for such an awesome cause! Not only am I in it, but you can also see excerpts from my short HOLLYWOOD SKIN and from the upcoming RED! If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check it out (you'll even understand where my pic comes from!):


Also, I kept my lips sealed, but now that the Women in Horror Month is here, you can expect a lot of fun updates and big announcements throughout February! Woohoo! Yes, I'm a bloody tease, but the month is only beginning ladies and gents!

Until next time, bleed for me, bleed for all the women actively working in horror and bleed for everyone who needs it! There can never be too many blood donations, so take an hour of your life to help someone in need!

Bloody kisses,