7 February 2011

Big Announcement

We keep hearing about women waking up one morning and suddenly feeling they are ready to become a mother. Well, let me tell you dear readers that a few months ago, I've had a similar experience, albeit NOT of the motherhood variety.

I feel it is time for me to move on to something bigger, to something FEATURE LENGTH! Yes, I will be making my first feature and I couldn't have found a better idea than the one I've been cherishing and nurturing for the past 3 months. A bit like Athena springing out of Zeus' head, this idea came to me almost fully grown, just needing a few stitches here and there. I'll be keeping my lips sealed about it for now, but expect to hear more as soon as the project starts taking form.

Over the last years, I've had the privilege of meeting amazing people who encouraged me to take a first step toward that goal and who are actively supporting me in this endeavor. Because 2011 marks the tenth year anniversary of my first attempt at filmmaking, the timing couldn't be better!

It is going to be a long and wild ride, but I'm ready for it!  To celebrate this new project and help me raise funds for it, I created a DVD compilation of my short films that I will have for sale here and on my website. It will be the first of many fundraising activities for the film; I will post more information as soon as I figure out my Paypal account and finish setting everything up.

See you very soon!

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