23 February 2011

How Jen & Sylvia Soska made my day...

It's simple, the love keeps on coming!

This time is from fellow-Canucks, filmmakers extraordinaire, wickedly talented femmes fatales, the gore-geous Twisted Twins!

Throughout the month of February, they've been featuring different women from the horror world, most of whom I really admire. You can only imagine my delight and pleasure when they told me that I was featured as part of this series!

Without further ado, here's the LINK! (and let me tell you, they did an amazing research job fishing out past interviews, pics, infos, etc...!)

You can't begin to imagine how great it feels when people you admire write such a great piece about you and tell you they admire you too! It is truly an honor to be featured on this blog and if you don't know Jen & Sylvia, you should check out their work right now! Not only are they crazy talented, they have totally awesome ideas, and they're insanely sweet! Plus, you get to double everything because there's two of them! :D

Jen & Sylvia, thank you! I love you with all my (twisted) heart!

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