12 February 2013

Want more of yours truly?

I was honored to find out this morning that I'm mentionned in a blog article about women in horror, along with friends, colleagues and other great ladies I admire! Check it out! 
Furthermore, it's with great delight that last night I participated in the Dolls of Despair podcast, along with Viscera colleagues Lia Scott Price and Michele 'Izzy' Galgana who joined us at the halfway mark. We talked about MOHA, the new service from the Viscera Organization I'm helming, as well as filmmaking in general, art as therapy and using horror as a way to deal with negative emotions. And Dys-, of course.

We also gave a few shoutout, mainly to my lovely leading lady Shannon Lark and my kickass special F/X artist, Seb from InVitro F/X.

Give it a listen below (or click this link).

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