10 February 2013

Miss hearing my voice?

If the answer is yes, you'll be happy to know that February is pretty much podcast month for me!

It started on February 1st with The Flow - A Celebration of Women in Horror hosted by Char Hardin, Nikki Meow and Kacie Hansen and featuring a bunch of awesome, kick-ass women working in the horror industry! You can listen to it here (or by clicking the link above):

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Then, I had a lovely chat with John Ginder during which we caught up (it's been a year since our last podcast), talked about Dys-, women in horror month and geeked out about Twin Peaks! Seriously, our half hour TP geeking out was so intense that he made a separate audio file for it. You can give it a listen on John's blog.

Last but not least, I was featured as filmmaker of the week on the Viscera Festival's social networks. This included an exclusive clip of me (from last year's red carpet) during which I talk about MOHA, the new service offered by the Viscera Organization for which I'm director of operations.

Check it out! http://youtu.be/7KTkixkNdq0

Tomorrow, I've been invited to the Dolls of Despair's podcast. Tune in starting at 9pm EST! :)

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