13 February 2013

I heart Andrew Shearer


He is a totally kickass filmmaker who's also prolific as hell! (He made 15 shorts last year.)

He's the head honcho of Gonzoriffic Films which focuses on fem-positive DIY cinema. (Really, they're the Riot Grrrls of indie filmmaking!)

He's the first person who programmed Snuff during the first Women in Horror Month, back in February 2010. (It was the first time I was contacted by someone wanting to play one of my shorts - as opposed to me submitting them.)

And he just had me as a guest on his Cinema File Podcast and we recorded one of the most wicked, amazing discussions EVER!


And yes, it was the first time we were 'speaking'. You'll see it's quite hard to believe; we sound like old friends who have known each other forever! 

 Give it a listen to hear us talk and geek out about filmmaking and the filmmakers we love. 

And yes, I'm my overexcited, bubbly, rambly self. But I know you all like it. ;)

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