3 March 2011

Because everyone loves to see a pretty woman butcher herself...

I am pleased to announce that HOLLYWOOD SKIN continues its successful festival circuit! 

Thanks to the Viscera Festival and the amazing Shannon Lark and Heidi Martinuzzi (I love you, ladies!), HOLLYWOOD SKIN was screened as part of a special Viscera showcase during the following past events (which I sadly forgot to mention, mea culpa!):

- The 2010 Sacramento Sci-Fi/Horror Show (during the Sci-Fi/Horror Film Festival portion of the convention) on September 25th 2010

- A special screening of the winners from the Viscera Film Festival in Athens, GA in honor of Women in Horror Month on February 5th 2011

- I'd also like to give a big shout-out to the fabulous Jennifer Cooper who gave HOLLYWOOD SKIN its Scotland premiere as part of her WiH month event Jennifer's Bodies on February 28th 2011. Also, a HUGE thank you to Lis Fies for helping to make this possible! You both rock!

Coming up: 

- HOLLYWOOD SKIN will be screened on March 12th 2011 at the Plea for Peace Center. Again, thank you Shannon and Viscera!


- Thanks to the wonderful Heidi Martinuzzi, my short will also be screened at the California State University in Northridge as part of a Feminist Horror Film Festival hosted by the Women's Research and Resource Center on March 28th!

If you can, be there to the screenings and stay tuned for another BIG screening announcement coming very soon!


Chris said...

Congrats Maude! And I confess to loving seeing a pretty woman butcher herself...or others for that matter.

Maude Michaud said...

Thanks Chris!

You'll have to see that film! :) Remind me to show it to you next time I see you!