31 March 2010

Quirk update

I’m taking a very short break from filmmaking. Do not panic, I’m not stopping altogether, but rather taking a temporary break from writing/directing/shooting to finish editing projects that should have been done a long time ago (which will result in brand new shorts – YAY!) I’ll also take advantage of this hiatus to submit SNUFF and HOLLYWOOD SKIN to more film festivals, design the official Quirk Films website and create the posters/DVD sleeves for the films – activities that are quite time-consuming, but need to be done (oh if only I could afford a personal assistant!)

Also at the top of my to-do list: my documentary! According to my original plans, it was supposed to be completed by now… which is not at all the reality of things. When I started, little did I know that I would meet amazing and influential people who would help give a boost to my own short films career and that there would be a ‘Women in Horror Month’ along the way! I got sidetracked from the doc, but took an important step toward the future which is and has always been my #1 priority. All this to say that I pondered a lot about the constant evolution of the doc and I’m in the process of reshaping it altogether to make sure it gets maximum visibility and has the possibility to expand. I’m not saying more right now, just stay tuned for updates!

I should announce my next short film project at some point in June. Last fall I fell in love with an idea and I’m currently in the process of making it as good as it can be, if not perfect, and assembling the dream team to work on it. But in order to do it correctly, I need to complete the pending works which are sucking my energy and focus. Hence the hiatus.

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