5 March 2010

2nd review for HOLLYWOOD SKIN!!!

It seems like this is the week when the reviews are coming in! :)

Here is the lastest one from Peter Hall/Horror Squad:

"Hollywood Skin, directed by Maude Michaud
Hollywood Skin is, to say the least, bold. Maude Michaud's short holds an unflinching mirror up to Hollywood, reflecting back at it the extreme measures some aspiring actress will go to in order to be thin and pretty enough to make it in the movies. It's exaggerated for maximum impact in all the right places and I have a feeling it could make a solid reputation for itself as a viral success on the web were it a bit shorter. On the flip side, were it any longer (and this the early '90s), Hollywood Skin would have made for one hell of a memorable Tales From the Crypt episode."

You can also check it out in context HERE.

Interestingly enough, the 20-minutes version is coming soon, I think it will make it all the more interesting to see how people respond differently to it!

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