4 March 2010

First review of HOLLYWOOD SKIN!!!

Check out the first review of my latest short HOLLYWOOD SKIN by John Gholson from Cinematical.

"Hollywood Skin
Directed by Maude Michaud/Canada/Short

I really liked Michaud's Hollywood Skin, a film that has something to say, while also being completely horrific. In it, an aspiring actress moves to Los Angeles and struggles with her body image while trying to land a decent role. She's overweight, yet completely desirable, completely sexy in fact, and the pressure to be a certain type leads her to some very dark places. Michaud handles the material with an intimacy that never makes you feel like she's beating you over the head with her pointed message."

You can also check it out HERE, in context and surrounded by the reviews of the other great shorts that screened during the Pretty/Scary Bloodbath Film Festival.

1 comment:

Magenta Baribeau said...

Ca a l'air très intéressant comme film. J'aimerais bien le voir :)