17 February 2010

Wow, a real update!

Not that the previous posts weren’t, but the original purpose of this blog was not only to serve as a publicity tool, but also as a way for me to keep everyone updated on projects, how things are doing , etc…

 SO, here is the current state of things:  I got caught in a wonderful (and unexpected!) whirlwind thanks to the Women in Horror Month, with its many screenings, requests for my short films, an interview and overall excitement!  Amidst all that, I finished the sound mix for the 10-minutes version of HOLLYWOOD SKIN and I am currently working on the full 20-minutes director’s cut!  Yep, you read right, there will be not one, but two versions of HOLLYWOOD SKIN and let me assure you that they are VERY different from one another!  Of course, both will be included on the same DVD when the short will be officially released later in the spring.

Speaking of which, I am planning to screen during the same event all the short films I completed since last year and that haven’t had a public screening yet.  I will keep you all updated as to when and where that will happen! 

Stay tuned and keep celebrating women in horror!