26 February 2010

Why Lis Fies is awesome...

Check out her nice mention of yours truly on her blog:
Kid Sis in Hollywood



Here are two blurbs about SNUFF from the Ghouls on Film event that went down last weekend in the U.K.:

"...and then a film that couldn't be more different in tone, Snuff. Snuff, directed by Maude Michaud, uses a super 8 camera to show the making of a snuff movie - but who will kill whom?"

Mention of the film from Flowers of Flesh and Blood


"Snuff (directed by Maude Michaud)
The first offering of the day to provoke some real chills, this film gives us a look through the lens of a snuff filmmaker, stalking his next would-be victim – until the tables are turned. A silent film in stark black and white with an oppressive electronic score, aesthetically it brings to mind Darren Aronofsky’s Pi, and in content it clearly embodies the female empowerment theme at the heart of Ghouls On Film."

Review by Ben Bussey from Brutal as Hell: Horror without Mercy

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