14 December 2012

2012: Year in Review (part 2)

...and heeeeeere we go for part 2! This one is shorter, but I guarantee you that part 3 will be EPIC!

April: During a snowed-in weekend in a cabin in the middle of the woods with my high school best friends, I came up with the idea of what became the DYS- promo teaser for the crowd funding campaign. I immediately wrote, shot, and edited the scene and officially launched/announced DYS-! The wheels were turning and there was no turning back at that point; I finally went from saying “I’ll be making my first feature film” to “I am making my first feature film”. Let me tell you boys and grrrls, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! 

May: I was reunited with my old lover, Academia, for a short but passionate weekend during which I drove to Niagara Falls (Ontario) to present an overview of my thesis project Horror Grrrls: Resistance and Agency Within the Interpretive Communities of Women Horror Filmmakers as part of the Popular Culture Association of Canada conference. Again, I was reminded how much of a nerd I proudly am and started shopping around for programs where I could do my PhD as well as pitching my thesis to various university presses for publication. Then, I launched the crowd funding campaign for DYS- and rushed back home for the local auditions! It took two weekends of auditions and the whole film was casted! I had taken one more step toward making the film happen and could barely contain my excitement!

June: After finishing the massive rewrite needed for DYS-, I shot a short gory segment (kinda like B-roll footage) that will be used in the film. I was starting to have serious withdrawal as the last time I had shot anything (beside the DYS- promo) was in October 2011 when I made T is for Toothpick. Thankfully this worked as a temporary fix that would tide me over until the beginning of DYS- for which pre-production also began in June. This is when the project started feeling like it was finally happening! I also had my convocation ceremony and received my diploma! YAY, I’m a Master now! ;) 

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