12 July 2012

Toothpicks at Fantasia!

Yup, yup, yup! T is for Toothpick (a.k.a. Toothpicks, a.k.a. Cure-dents) will be playing at the Fantasia Film Festival here in Montreal. Judging from the screening time, it seems like I made it once again into the midnight selection. You all know how happy that makes me! ;)

So, if you want to see the gorgeous Lady Josephine shove toothpicks in Martin Plouffe's face over a groovy soundtrack by the multi-talented Shayne Gryn, all of this ON THE BIG SCREEN!, get your ass to the De Sève Theatre on August 3rd at 11:55PM.

I'll be there, will you?

And if you need any more convincing:

(click the image for the film's festival page)

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