25 April 2012

Mark your calendars!

Ok, so I’ve been not-so-subtely hinting at it and vaguely mentioning it… I can now ‘officially’ give you a decent update on my big upcoming project, i.e. my first feature film.    

* The working title of the project is Dys-; so from now on, if you heard me talk about Dys-, you’ll know what that is!  

* The teaser is almost ready and will be released this Sunday (April 29th) at the same time as the official website will be launched. So keep your eyes on this blog!  

* The film now has a Facebook page where production updates will be posted and where most of the news about the project will be gathered. So, if you’re on FB, please give the page a ‘like’ and help share the word!  HERE is it.     

* There will be a crowdfunding campaign on the official website which will go live at the same time as the trailer.
Those who’ve known me for a while know that this project is something I’ve been looking forward to since, well forever! As you can probably guess, I’ll need all the help I can to spread the word about the project, help get more people to ‘like’ the page and check out the funding campaign.
Are you ready? Because I am and I cannot wait to share this beautiful adventure with you!

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