7 July 2011

Many thanks to the wonderful Char Hardin!

I first spoke to Char when she invited me to participate to Horrorphilia's first Girl's Night Out podcast with the Soska twins and Hannah Neurotica. Let me tell you I was immediately charmed by this incredibly kind, fun, and hilarious woman! In just a few minutes, she managed to put me at ease and I almost forgot we were recording a podcast! It was so fun, just like talking with a bunch of girl friends!

This week, she was kind enough to review three of my shorts and it is with great pleasure that I'm sharing these great reviews with you:




...and to make everything even sweeter, we'll be recording episode three of Girl's Night Out podcast this Saturday! Stay tuned as I'll let you know when the episode is online.

In the meantime, check out episode 2!

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Char Hardin Horror Movie Reviews said...

Ah, Maude, you are one of the sweetest ladies I have met in the horror community. It is a great pleasure to have you back on my Show this time as my Special Guest Co-Host...yep you read that right. I enjoyed our time on the first two Girls Night Out shows, it would feel wrong not to have you back for the 3rd one.

As for your work, I enjoyed watching your films, they were well thought provoking and engaging. I look forward to many more films from you in the future. Much thanks and appreciatation for your kind words. --Char Hardin